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12 February 2006 @ 11:34 pm
Fic - Dreaming Alive  
Title – Dreaming Alive
Parts – Prologue of ? (Multi-chapter)
Author - Jaxx
Pairing – SxC
Genre – AU, drama and romance
Disclaimer – FFVII etc does not belong to me.
Rating - PG-13 or a 12 or something for this chapter.

Story Summary – ShinRa’s army has been fighting Wutai for the past several years, led by the great General Sephiroth. How does such a small and almost primitive place manage to hold off the technologically advanced and much more powerful Shin-Ra? The Wutaian people are fierce and defiant and they seem to have an advantage unknown to ShinRa. When Sephiroth discovers this advantage he sets out to eliminate it. However he is unable to complete his task and he is drawn into a world unknown to him. Sephiroth must battle his past and future and choose between love and duty.

Prologue Summary – Where the reader plays ‘guess the advantage,’ told through the means of overusing a dark haired man and a blonde haired man.

Ok so this fic is an AU and set during the Wutai war. The war between ShinRa and Wutai has been going on for several years. ShinRa are unable to defeat Wutai as they are defiant and they appear to have an unknown advantage.

Cloud is from Wutai and will never try and join SOLDIER. Obviously ages will be a problem but as this is an AU let’s say Cloud is 21. (Everyone as pretty much the ages they are at the end of the game).

Dreaming Alive


The dark haired man watched silently from the corner of the tent. He knew not to interfere, not to comment or even draw attention to himself as the young blonde sitting at the table concentrated. He was silent, his eyes observing every detail, waiting for any small change in the scene in front of him. He watched the other’s right hand hover over the map in front of him, moving slightly over the small stones placed on various points. The powerful young man, his eyes closed, was immersed in his task and the tall dark haired observer held his breath as he felt the beginnings of the change in the air around him.

The air became chilly, a slight wind wound its way into the tent causing some stray strands of his long dark hair to wrap around his face. He refrained from shivering, used to this by now and the silent young man at the table made no indication that he noticed. He then remembered to breath as he watched, quietly drawing his breath in, knowing that tension would not help the other in his task.

His eyes narrowed as the blonde threw back his head and took in a sharp breath. Now he would wait as the vision played out in the young man’s mind and he sank his head further into his scarf as the wind howled around them.

A few moments later the winds died down quickly and the blonde slowly brought his head down opening his eyes. They were at first unfocused and dazed but their focus returned and the dark haired man stared as intense blue eyes turned towards his own burning red.

‘The General is not with them.’ The blonde stated, his voice calm, his hand still hovering over the map of Wutai.

The man’s eyes widened a little at this but he stayed silent, knowing there was more to come.

‘His second in command is distracted. It will be an easy victory. They are disheartened. A large group, a company, will cross the Worrow River and try and pass into Wearman’s Forge. Our forces will meet them at the banks of the river before they can attempt to move into Wearman and drive them back. The locals of the Forge and surrounding area will sleep through, unaware.’

The young man placed his hand in his lap and leaned back into his chair. ‘It is dusk, the attack is soon. Midnight.’

Finally the tall dark man moved as he headed for the exit to the large tent intent on relaying his message to prepare for the assault. He stopped just before and turned regarding his young friend.

‘You should get some rest.’ He said quietly, the advice slipping from his tongue.

The other man nodded once and turned his blonde head back to the map in front of him and away from the retreating figure of the man dressed in red.

End of Prologue

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